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Sunsation Retractable Awnings
A quality awning for over 40 years!

“Proudly Assembled in America with the Finest Components.”

Sunsation™ Retractable Awnings have a nationwide reputation for quality, convenience, and style. That’s why it’s not surprising that Sunsation™ has been the most popular awning for many years. We now offer more choices than ever. If you would like to custom-tailor your environment—residential or commercial, outdoor or indoor—you have come to the right place.

All Sunsation™ awnings have one thing in common: Quality. Our awning systems are clearly superior in every area: Precision engineering, durable frame components, premium fabric, and available control options. With quality guaranteed, you don’t have to worry about the details. You only have to decide which awning is the best choice for your individual purposes.

When installed over a patio, deck, Jacuzzi, or poolside area, a Sunsation™ Retractable Awning is almost like adding another room to your home or business. Less expensive than a permanent addition, your new outdoor living space will be shaded from the glare of the sun, screened from harmful ultraviolet rays, and protected from sudden showers. You will enjoy enhanced comfort while significantly reducing heat and ultraviolet light.

Sunsation™ Retractable Awnings are not only designed to be appropriate for all types of residential and commercial applications, they have been specifically developed to be easy to use and virtually maintenance-free. Adjustments with our standard manual control are simple, reliable, and convenient. The available motorized control allows you to customize your outdoor environment at the touch of a button. Moreover, our remarkable climate-controlled system comes with “smart sensors” that react automatically to changing weather, even when you are not at home.

Enjoy the full range of Sunsation™’s benefits by purchasing Sunsation™ Window Awnings that allow you to enhance your personal comfort zone indoors as well. Strategically placed window awnings safeguard your home from glare, ultraviolet rays, and heat, significantly reducing cooling costs in hot weather and providing privacy when fully extended.

Which member of the Sunsation™ family is best for you?

The Sunsation™ Retractable Awning: Our most popular awning, with the most extensive range of size options and optional Self-Pitch Arm Control, which lets you adjust the pitch of your awning from 0° to 35° simply by cranking the Pitch Control gear.

Sunsation™ Cross Arm: The Cross Arm model is designed to be used where the awning projection is longer than its width. Its patented crossing arms allow it to be installed even in the most limited spaces.

Sunsation™ XL Retractable Awning: All of the key features of the Sunsation with the following differences:
13’1” projection size, stronger components, and widths from 16’ to 35’. (Self-Pitch Arm Control not available.)

Sunsation™ 5000 Retractable Awning: Our flagship model. Offers three oversized projection options
(13’1”, 14’,9” & 16’6”), widths up to 39’, heavy-duty frame components, and extra support. Suitable for commercial or residential applications.

Sunsation™ Drop Arm Window Awning: Drop-arm awnings that dramatically improve your control over your indoor environment, providing protection and safety, comfort and convenience.

Sunsation™ Awning Series are sold only through reputable dealers who will provide professional installation. Buying an awning online is risky even when the companies promise that you can “do it yourself.” After your awning has been delivered, you may have to hire a handyman to complete the job. If your beautiful awning is ruined by lack of expertise or experience, you will have little recourse. Don’t let this happen to you. When your purchase your Sunsation™ system through a licensed dealer, both the product and the installation are guaranteed!


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