Sun 5000 Retractable Awnings

We are proud to announce the Sun 5000, our incredibly tough, heavy-duty retractable awning. The introduction of this premium, commercial-quality awning highlights our company’s commitment to offering our customers exciting, innovative new products.

The Sun 5000 beautifully integrates maximum stability, exceptional coverage, and an attractive, welcoming appearance. In fact, the Sun 5000 is so appealing that it is appropriate for residential applications as well as commercial ones. Discerning homeowners can now choose to dramatically enhance their outdoor environment with a retractable awning that is not only charming, but extraordinarily strong and durable too. 


Sun 5000 awnings come in three different projection sizes. Besides the standard projection size of 13′, the Sun 5000 offers two oversized options: 15′ and 16’6”. Not only that, but these generous awnings can be up to an incredible 39 feet in width. With this much choice, one of these substantial sizes is certain to meet your requirements. 

One of the best qualities of the Sun 5000 is that it simply will not sag. Ever. Even with an extension of 16’6”, this superior awning will remain taut, smooth, and functional. The 85mm galvanized steel roll tubes are used with durable wall-extruded aluminum front rails. This prevents distortion of the fabric when this large awning is fully extended, resulting in a crisp, clean profile. Unlike some awnings that droop and look bedraggled after only a few years, the Sun 5000 will never disappoint you. 

The twin heavy-duty mount tubes virtually eliminate any abnormality or twisting such as that which a single tube mount would undergo when it is under a load. These are coupled with heavyweight wall mounting brackets that must be mounted on a brick or concrete wall. In addition, the substantial center supports create excellent stability under all conditions. 

The aluminum body hardware eliminates any concerns about rust, corrosion, or discolorations. They simply will not occur. 

Manual operation (with a 16:1 worm gear) is standard, but you can upgrade to other types of operation if you like. These options include motorized operation, or even motorization with a manual override. Choose the one that is best for you. No matter which mode you prefer, extension and retraction are a breeze, with minimum distortion and maximum stability. Time after time!

What are you waiting for? The Sun 5000 produces an upscale, functional, and stylish appearance that will neither fade nor become distorted with time. The Sun 5000 is designed to last for twenty to thirty years! It is the strongest, longest-lasting, most attractive awning available today. Whether you demand superlative quality for a commercial installation or for your own home, the Sun 5000 has the hardwearing features you need.