Sun 8000 Drop-Arm Window Awnings

Sun 8000 drop-arm awnings enhance your home with graceful lines and elegant style. They dramatically improve your control over the indoor illumination in your home, providing exceptional protection from the sun’s heat and glare while safeguarding your furniture and carpets from fading.

Moreover, choosing Sun 8000 drop-arm awnings ensures long-term reliability and convenience.

Did you know that ultraviolet (UV) rays can harm your skin even through windows? That bright glare you see is not just inconvenient. It may be harming your children, pets, or other loved ones. Babies and seniors are especially vulnerable. When you install Sun 8000 drop-arm awnings you not only gain control over natural indoor illumination, you also protect your loved ones from the dangers of UV rays.

Sun 8000 drop-arm awnings are adjustable. That means they can be lowered or retracted to virtually any position. You decide how much—or how little—sunlight you prefer. Fully extended, these awnings can decrease the heat gain in your home by as much as 75%. Moreover, your indoor temperature can be reduced by as much as 15° not by cranking up your air conditioner, but simply by extending your awnings! Fully extended, your awnings act as a privacy screen from others who may be passing by, providing additional security as well.

How simple is it to change the position of a Sun 8000 drop-arm awning? Our standard window awnings are manually activated, which is both easy-to-do and convenient. For added ease, choose fully motorized controls, which let you adjust your awnings at the push of a button. For the ultimate in convenience, opt for our remote control option or our “smart sensor” system that reacts automatically to the changing weather. Our “smart sensors” even retract your awnings in windy weather!

Because Sun 8000 drop-arm awnings self-store when they are fully retracted, you will never have the expense or hassle of seasonal takedown, storage, and reinstallation. An optional hood is available to further protect your rolled-up awnings.

Our awnings are constructed only of the finest Sunbrela fabrics. These solution-dyed acrylic fabrics have very clear, bright colors with impressive colorfastness. They appear the same from either side, do not “wash out” or fade after installation, and are available in a vast array of more than 125 styles and colors. And with seven distinctive types of valences and five different frame colors to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect complement to your home’s architecture and style.

With Sun 8000 drop-arm awnings, you get the optimal combination of sophisticated styling, premium engineering, protection, and convenience. To dramatically improve your indoor living environment, choose a Sun 8000 drop-arm awning system. You will be glad you chose the system that integrates expert engineering and convenience with charming visual appeal.