Sunsation Features

Sunsation has been the most popular awning for many years, and it’s no wonder why. For comfort, quality, style, and value, you really can’t do better. Its’ lightweight frame components are extremely rigid, enabling Sunsation Retractable Awnings to retain their crisp, taut look while minimizing the load and strain on brackets and joints.

The Somfy TaHoma® gateway and smartphone app provide convenient and customized control of Somfy powered motorized shades, blinds, and other motorized solutions

The Sunsation Retractable Awning features a roller tube made of corrosion-resistant aluminum. This sturdy material guarantees longevity and optimal performance, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Extruded aluminum arms feature double cables covered in PVC. This design contributes to the awning’s strength and durability while offering an appealing aesthetic.

A level is added to each arm where it is attached to the front profile, this unique addition makes installing your awning easy and accurate within minutes.

The Sunsation Retractable Awnings come dressed in your choice of Sunbrella fabric. This high-quality fabric offers excellent durability and aesthetic appeal, allowing you to cater to a broad range of customer preferences.

The Sunsation Retractable Awning boasts a unique front profile, contributing to a straighter awning. This distinctive style sets it apart and adds value to any property.
A level is included on the front profile for easy adjustments, ensuring that the awning remains level even after customers make pitch changes.

With a variety of styles to choose from, the front valance allows for a personalized touch. Customers can select a design that best complements their exterior decor.

Each awning comes with a valance tag displaying your company name and phone number, along with a unique serial number. This not only serves as a constant reminder to your customers about who installed their high-quality awning but also assists in identifying the awning details should any issues arise.

Awnings wider than 18 feet come with additional roller tube support. This feature enhances the structural integrity of the awning, preventing sagging and improving overall durability.

The awning’s arm pitch control is designed to be “self-pitch,” enabling easy adjustments by customers using the provided crank. This feature offers your customers the freedom to customize their shade as desired.

When a customer needs a longer projection than the width of the awnings, arms will be assembled in a way that they cross each other when closed.

The hood cover shields the fabric when the awning is closed, safeguarding it from rain and mold. This protective feature significantly extends the life of the fabric.

When covering a wide area wider than 24 feet, instead of installing two separate awnings, you can put one super wide one with the center bracket which will split the fabric in half with only 1 1-inch gap in the middle.

The roller gear mechanism is designed for easy operation. It allows anyone to open and close the awning with minimal effort, enhancing the user experience.

Just mount the brackets, we do the rest. Awnings are delivered dressed in fabric ready to hang.

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