Sunsation Features

Sunsation has been the most popular awning for many years, and it’s no wonder why. For comfort, quality, style, and value, you really can’t do better. Its’ lightweight frame components are extremely rigid, enabling Sunsation Retractable Awnings to retain their crisp, taut look while minimizing the load and strain on brackets and joints.

The roller tube is made of corrosion resistant aluminum. It installs more easily and provides less stress on the bolts and frame — so it lasts longer too!

A level is added to each arm where it is attached to the front profile, this unique addition makes installing your awning easy and accurate within minutes.

The newly designed front profile adds straight, crisp and distinctive style to the overall appearance.

An extensive variety of fabrics, both solid colors and stripes, and many valence styles are available.

Roller support comes standard with all models 20’ or wider to ensure superior strength and durability.

Arm-Pitch Control
Made of corrosion resistant aluminum extrusion. Far superior to the industry standard of aluminum die casting. Additionally, with it’s unique self-pitch feature, homeowners will be able to adjust the self pitch to their desired height by simply cranking the gear at the Pitch Control.

The super-efficient roller gear is truly top-of-the-line. That means less strain in both motorized and manually operated models – and many years of trouble-free use!