Sun 3000 Retractable Awnings

Our most popular awning is a unique combination of quietly elegant good looks seamlessly integrated with advanced technology, outstanding components, and impressive convenience. We invite you to take a brief tour as we point out a few of the unique features that make Sunsation™ so desirable.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a retractable awning? Cool, shady comfort.  Protection from the rain. Expanded outdoor living space. Family fun and casual, friendly gatherings. A relaxing, peaceful sanctuary. All these can be yours when you choose Sunsation™ because we guarantee the quality components, convenience, and style that make comfort a reality.

The best awning is one that doesn’t call attention to itself. It will function reliably, withstand destructive weather, and remain as sturdy as the day it was installed. The following quality features are part of every Sunsation™ awning system.

  • Awning Arms:  Aluminum extrusion. They use twin cables for additional strength.
  • Self-Pitch Arm Control: One-of-a-kind feature in the awning industry. Easily adjust the pitch of your awning from 0° to 35° simply by cranking the gear at the Pitch Control.
  • Roller Tubes: Corrosion resistant aluminum.
  • Cables: Stainless steel, permitting heavier tension and extended life even when exposed to extreme weather.
  • Roller Support: Ensures exceptional strength and longevity. Standard with all models 18′ or wider.
  • Optional Hood: Protects your awning when it is retracted.

To see detailed features, click here. Whichever feature you choose, you will discover that it represents excellent quality and impressive engineering.

Your retractable awning is just that: Retractable. You need to be able to extend and retract it without a struggle. Our standard awning offers unsurpassed ease of use. Our optional upgrades and accessories make operation even simpler.

  • Motorized Awning System: Built-in motor works with a switch to give you control of your awning at the push of a button.
  • Remote-Controlled Awning System: Motorized awning with the added convenience of a remote radio control.
  • Climate-Controlled System: “Smart-sensors” automatically react to changing weather and adjust your awning to protect you and your home from bright sunlight and UV radiation. Will even retract your awning when it is extremely windy!
  • Motorized Awning Crank: Optional accessory for our standard awning. Battery-operated winding handle that is cordless, comfortable to use, and effective.

Whether you stay with our standard features or opt for one of our convenient options, your Sunsation™ awning will always be incredibly easy to control.

Sunsation™ Style
The smooth, clean lines of your Sunsation™ awning are a perfect complement to your home. Here at Sunsation™ we understand that a distinctive, sophisticated look is as essential as durable practicality. Even though any Sunsation™ awning will enhance your home’s profile, we recognize that you require an awning so that it is as individual as you are. That’s why we only use Sunbrela fabric made of solution-dyed acrylic yarns that won’t fade, and all of our awnings come in your choice of the following:

  • More than 125 colors and styles of awning fabrics in stripes and solids.
  • A wide variety of valence shapes.
  • Five frame-color alternatives: Beige, brown, grey, black, and off-white.
  • Widths from 5’-36’ and projections from 3’3” -11’6”.

Sunsation™ is known across the United States for retractable awnings that deliver comfort, quality, convenience, and style. No wonder there are satisfied Sunsation™ owners nationwide. Wouldn’t you like to be one, too?