The Sunsation™ XL Retractable Awning

The dedicated experts at Sunsation™ have taken outdoor comfort and functionality to a new level with the XL model. The Sunsation™ XL has all of the key features that have consistently made the Sunsation™ such an innovative, lovely, and practical choice.

However, the XL offers a different configuration that is just right when you want a larger open-air living space.

Check out the features that make the Sunsation™ XL unique:

  • Larger projection size: All XL awnings have a 13’1” projection
  • Stronger, more substantial structural components

Widths from 16′ to 35′ (Smaller widths are impossible because the arms fold when the awning retracts).Self-Pitch Arm Control not available on the XL model due to its 13’1” projection size

The larger projection size of Sunsation™ XL is perfectly matched with its heavyweight underlying structure, successfully producing a large awning that is not only picturesque, but also reliable, stable, and long lasting. When expanding your outdoor living space is key, opt for the Sunsation™ XL!